To help you discover the best of Moroccan cuisine, each of our riads  offers a variety of traditional menus.

Just take a look at the menus and your tastebuds will immediately start to tingle!

But don’t forget to book in advance!

Moroccan cuisine takes pride in using the best aromatic herbs and produce - fresh from the market!  Its distinct and succulent flavour is achieved by hours of diligent and devoted marinating.


Menu Déjeuner

Formula 1: Starter & Dish or Dish et Dessert               135 dhs
Formula 2: Starter, Dish & Dessert                               175 dhs

Starter :
Selection of 5 Moroccan salads


Chicken Tajine
Kefta Tajine with eggs
Skewers selection
7 vegetables’ Couscous

Dessert  :
Cinnamon orange with its flowers’ perfume

Dinner Menu :   240 dhs

A choice of one starter on the menu

A choice of one main course on the menu*
*except Skewer and vegetarian couscous
A choice of dessert on the menu

Succumb to our delights...

Do you want to have a meal served on the day of your arrival?

If so, please make the request for lunch or dinner at the time of your initial reservation and state the menu desired and for how many people.

Do you want to have a meal during your stay?

Meals are prepared to order. So please request in advance, stating which menu and for how many people. The manager of the riad is at your disposal to help with your choice. 

Are you in a group?


If you are travelling as a group we are well equipped to cater to all your nutritional requirements and will organise all the necessary details.