For almost 20 years, Marrakesh Riads have been restoring old houses, some of which rate among the most beautiful of the medina. The objective: to open wide their doors for the discovery and enchantment of travellers during their stay in Marrakech. These riads are a real window on the soul of Moroccan life in all its myriad forms - decoration, architecture, gastronomy, music, the arts, riads, restaurants, centres of art and unrivalled craftsmanship. Marrakech Riads, under the most dedicated and dynamic management, offers you a true kaleidoscope of Moroccan culture! In Fez Marrakech Riads have restored one of the finest houses of the medina to its former splendour: Dar Bensouda (17th century) Just two steps from the famous Qaraouyine Mosque, this elegant building will immerse you within a world of extreme refinement: that of the old families of Fez who have preserved their centuries-old tradition of Moroccan hospitality.